Clicking Department

This Institute is having a very high infrastructure for the cutting department. The students are able to gather the knowledge through utilizing the infrastructure individually, so that they can easily absorb the industrial working atmosphere. The Institute is having machineries like swing arm, travel head and strap cutting. The Institute provides training, in various methodologies. The Institute allows the students to do the practical training like pre-training. In the pre-training the paper exercises, the synthetic materials and leather materials are used to get exposure to the working operations and proper utilization of materials. In the training the students are able to understand to identify defects in the leather, inter locking system on the leather or nesting of the components.

In area calculation of the component, we provide the knowledge of 1 pair system, russ and small method. The students are getting the knowledge to identify and grade the materials (Leather, synthetic, textiles etc.), according to the standard of the specifications.

The Institute provides the knowledge to maintain, handle and operations of the machines with safety measures. The students are able to understand the training to identify the dies of each component of the size, size notches and side notches and fitting of the die.

The Institute provides the information regarding selection of the material, thickness of the blade. The students get information about the quality standards of the cut components in the cutting department, practically and theoretically. In theory classes the students are able to go through the properties of the leather, the cuttability of the leather.

In the cutting section the student has to go under training to prepare knife making and handling the knife for cutting the components.