Designing Department

The first and most important section of footwear department, our designing section is equipped with most experienced and technically qualified tutors. In each and every class we provide the students with complete 4 hours of designing classes, Training them in each and every models.

Starting from basic models like Derby, Oxford the students completes training attaining the world class standard of deriving patterns from tough designs too. Few difficult models students get trained are Moccasin, Stitchdown etc. Students also trained for deriving patterns for different constructions like Sancrispino, strobel etc.

Continuous R&D from our experienced designing faculty results in crating new trends in using new type of last and constant focus on fashion & designing. With a seating capacity of more than 30 students the section is completely atmosphered for practicing of designing. Constant support from the staff makes the students to establish a good base for upcoming challenges.

With immense support from staff, students are encouraged to take part in designing competitions held at various levels throughout India. Constant visit to the national fairs and exhibitions, students posses a basic knowledge of upcoming trends & fashion forecasts.

Including the designing Handgrading is the main thing which adds a technical base for students. Experienced faculty teaches hand grading for students which makes them a complete designer product for all types of industries.